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African Agenda 2063

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African Agenda 2063

The African Agenda 2063 was launched by the African Union Commission in 2015, so that the African generations would shape the continental future through integrational work, side by side with saving their African heritage and keeping up with the global context.  The formation of the ALPA itself from the different African liver association is considered to be a form of African unity for a certain cause as the African Agenda 2063 tries encourages.( Also.( it is a forum of the combination between the civil society, public sector associationsThe first aspiration in the Agenda is “A Prosperous Africa, based on Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development” that is reflected in different them what concerns the ALPA from them is “Healthy and well-nourished citizens” which is the end the ALPA is trying to attain but with  through providing support to Hepatitis patients in Africa whether directly or indirectly through supporting institutions that do, also through supporting the medical. field in Africa with the trainings needed to upscale the African Health
The sixth aspiration is “An Africa Whose Development is people driven, relying on the potential offered by African People, especially its Women and Youth, and caring for Children.”  ALPA is trying to implement the aspiration through providing capacity building programs for the African Students in different fields but with concern to medical students in order to improve the medical field and to develop their skills to be ready for the labor market and to be the leaders who are going to make African economic development later on, moreover the ALPA works on this program without any differentiation based on color. gender, ethnicity…etc