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Prof. Gamal Shiha

3,637 medical examinations, 409 Fibroscan X-rays and 60 liver tumor surgeries completely free of charges during July 2020
The Association of liver Patients Care ( ALPC) on of the African Liver Patients Association (ALPA) members, headed by Prof. Gamal Shiha, announced its performance of the medical examination at the Association in Gulangil and its branches and the Egyptian Liver Hospital in Sherbin, on 3,637 patients, and 409 cases of fibroscan radiation, 823 ultrasound cases, 45 X-ray cases and 415 cases CT scan during the month of July 2020 completely free of charges.
Prof. Gamal Shiha, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of liver Patients Care ( ALPC), clarified that 60 arterial injection surgeries were performed for liver tumors and 40 various surgeries, including 21 gallbladder resections, 5 surgeries for obesity, 3 colon tumor resection surgeries, stomach tumor resection surgery, pancreatic tumor resection surgery and splenectomy surgery And 4 appendectomy surgeries, 2 liver cyst resection, 2 laparotomy case, and 2 umbilical hernia.
Furthermore, medical tests and analysis of 2,164 patients were performed, endoscopy was performed for 417 patients, Virus B vaccination was provided for 899 people and a variety of medical treatments were provided to 874 patients.