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July 28th is World Hepatitis Day ... An Unwaitable Disease

 July 28th is World Hepatitis Day ... An Unwaitable Disease

 This day, July 28, is the anniversary of the birth of the great scientist Dr. Baroque Blomberg, who is credited with discovering hepatitis B disease, and he also developed a test to diagnose the disease, and prepared a vaccine against it, so this day was chosen to commemorate his memory, support and encourage operations  Prevention, diagnosis and treatment, as well as raising and increasing awareness campaigns about hepatitis B and hepatitis C on a wide scale, as more than 350 million people suffer from both types of hepatitis every year around the world.
 Perhaps today in 2021 coincides with the global event under the slogan “Hepatitis cannot wait,” in an urgent reference to intensifying national efforts to combat it and eliminate liver disease by 2030, given the seriousness of its infection, as it is a disease that ends the life of a person every 30 seconds at a rate of 1.1 million deaths.  annually, especially with the decline in medical support for poor countries in light of the Corona pandemic,,
 We cannot fail to shed light on the Egyptian initiative, which was described as “the crown jewel”, in accordance with the description of Dr. Gamal Shiha, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the African Association of Liver Diseases, in his praise of the initiative of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and in appreciation of the efforts of the Egyptian state as one of the most important and largest rapid efforts in the world to combat hepatitis.  The “C” epidemic launched the “100 Million Health” campaign, at a cost of 500 million pounds, which contributed to providing free treatment for patients with both types of hepatitis, according to the national plan for the treatment of “C” virus, in addition to the similarity of about 5 million patients to a full recovery.
 And on the mention of Prof. Dr. Gamal Shiha, he is nicknamed the “Champion of 2021” in eliminating hepatitis in the world, and that Egypt’s success in eliminating the “C” virus by the year 2020 was one of the most important reasons for being chosen among the top 6 scientists in the world, who contributed to the elimination  He was awarded the title of "Hepatitis Elimination Champion 2021", as this came in a press conference held in Atlanta, USA.  For his illustrious role in civil work and scientific research to eradicate hepatitis viruses in Egypt, which made it one of the first countries in the world to confront and eliminate hepatitis C completely, and he was credited with turning liver disease from an epidemic into a great achievement that honors Egypt and raises its name in the world  I collect.
 It is worth noting that the Egyptian state strongly supports the establishment of the African Medicines Agency (AMA), which was signed in February 2019, in an effort to facilitate access to medicine at reduced prices and facilitate its access to all African countries, especially the most needy countries, which effectively contributes to the development of the pharmaceutical industry.  Medicine and relief for middle-income and low-income peoples, the high costs of medicine.