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International Nurses Day ... from the most humane professions

 International Nurses Day ... from the most humane professions 

On May 12 each year, the international community celebrates the "International Nurses Day". This day was chosen in January of 1974, a date which marks the birth of Florence Nightingale (1910-1820), a British known to be the founder of modern nursing. 
known with "the lady of the lamp" as she laid the foundations and laws to protect the profession and work to develop it. 
Celebrating International Nurses Day this year comes under the theme of  "Nursing World to Health" 
As we mark this, day, World Health Organization WHO urges countries to ensure:
The occupational safety and health of nurses and all health workers, including notably, unhindered access to personal protective equipment so they can safely provide care and reduce infections in health care settings.
Nurses and all healthcare workers have access to mental health support, timely pay, sick leave and insurance; as well as access to the most up-to-date knowledge and guidance required to respond to all health needs, including outbreaks.
-nurses are given the financial support and other resources required to help respond to and control COVID-19 and future outbreaks.